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Automatically detect flow compromise with ultrasound.

EchoSure helps identify issues early and quickly with automated realtime, definitive, visual and quantitative blood flow monitoring

Real-time blood flow visualization

Help avoid false-positives with real-time visualization of blood flow through the vein and artery.

Healthy Vessels

Compromised Vessels

Quantitative flow data provided by EchoSure can show flow loss indicating compromised vessels before any other clinical signals — providing the best opportunity for early intervention.

Volumetric flow rate relative to baseline

Ultrasound for 
the non-sonographer

EchoMark’s unique geometry enables EchoSure to automatically orient across scans – meaning nurses can easily monitor patients at the bedside without sonographic training.

EchoMark’s Unique Geometric Signature

Echomark signature outline

Remote monitoring

Stay informed and connected on the go. With remote monitoring you are alerted the moment flow drops below your predefined threshold.


Better together

EchoMark and EchoSure are designed together to create a seamless and unique product experience.

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