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Vivid images.
Perfect orientation.

EchoMark is a highly echogenic, bioresorbable polymeric implant used for marking soft tissue sites in surgical patients

Breakthrough manufacturing, brilliant images. To achieve vivid ultrasound images, we developed a manufacturing technique to deliver the most echogenic signal for a fully bioresorbable marker.

B-mode ultrasound image

Fully bioresorbable

EchoMark uses a proven bioresorbable polymer with a long history of use in sutures and medical devices that dissolves within 18-24 months.

Unique geometric signature

EchoMark’s innovative design yields a unique 2D cross-section and geometric signature for each angle from which it is viewed.

Echomark signature outline


Better together

EchoMark and EchoSure were designed together to create a seamless and unique product experience.

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