Ultrasound Engineer

Company Description
Sonavex is a Baltimore based venture-backed medical device company spun-out of Johns Hopkins in 2013. The company is simplifying point-of-care ultrasound imaging to increase its utility for new perioperative applications. Sonavex’s first system, EchoSure, detects post-operative blood clots and other vascular complications to prevent catastrophic surgical failures. Pipeline technologies include flow monitoring, 3D vessel mapping, and surgical navigation products. The company has raised a Series A financing, received two FDA clearances, has been awarded numerous federal grants, and has begun commercializing its first products in 2019.

Position Description
We are looking for a highly self-motivated ultrasound engineer with strong interest and track record in R&D to join our team as an innovator and key contributor to the development of ultrasound based medical devices. This position will be a core part of Sonavex’s engineering team and will provide technical expertise necessary to expand our products into new markets and develop next generation ultrasound-based solutions to improve patient care.

Responsibilities & Duties

The Ultrasound Engineer will be responsible for the development of ultrasound-based systems, software and settings to meet specific clinical performance requirements related to flow and vessel
visualization using B-Mode, color flow Doppler and other imaging modes. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Design, develop and improve ultrasound systems and software from concept-based prototypes to fully realized product.
  • Lead analysis and development of imaging requirements and associated software requirement specifications.
  • Develop software to implement and optimize imaging control using vendor supplied API/SDK.
  • Create, refine, and verify hardware/systems specifications for vendor supplied ultrasound hardware including beamformers, transducers, and other components.
  • Assess and qualify ultrasound hardware and transducers from various vendors.
  • Collaborate with vendors to optimize system imaging performance for specific clinical requirements.
  • Algorithm development and implementation for automated tuning of imaging settings for BMode, CFD, and other modes
  • Software testing and debugging on both the system simulator and target ultrasound system hardware and generation of associated reports
  • Work with vendors and their engineering team, to ensure quality and reliability from concept design through stable production.
  • Design, develop and conduct bench and animal testing for proof of concepts through verification and validation.
  • Create and updated design documentation, specifications, test protocols and test reports.
  • Participate in and conduct risk analysis, design reviews, V&V testing, and investigations per FDA and company QMS requirements.
  • Opportunity to lead development of pipeline products
  • Other duties as assigned

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in ultrasound physics, systems engineering and
image processing, with 3-10 years of related industry experience. Specific qualifications include:


  • Ph.D. or M.S. in EE, ME, Physics, or closely related field
  • 3 – 10 years of hands-on experience in design and development of ultrasound based imaging systems, algorithms and/or applications
  • Strong technical comprehension of ultrasound physics and beamforming
  • Familiarity with Doppler ultrasound processing and color flow Doppler
  • Knowledge of state of the art for medical ultrasound hardware and transducers and familiarity with emerging technologies
  • Experience developing software in C/C++ and Python
  • Familiarity with medical devices development, and/or experience working in a regulated environment
  • Demonstrates excellent skills in organization, team dynamics, effective communication, prioritization of tasks, and delivery of commitments.


  • Familiarity with Signal/RF processing
  • Familiarity with Ultrasound image processing and analysis
  • Experience in algorithm implementation using OpenCV or ITK
  • Experience working with vendor supplied SDKs/APIs
  • Knowledge of GPU-based signal processing algorithms and programming
  • Experience working with OEM/ODM vendors

The employee will work out of Sonavex’s office in Baltimore, MD full time. Remote work may be
considered on a case by case basis with regular in-person meetings.

Employee compensation will be dependent on level of experience.

Application Process
All interested applicants should send their resume and cover letter to:
Michelle Zwernemann
VP Operations, Quality & Strategy
Sonavex, Inc